3 IN 1 UNIQUE ACTION! (Water retention - Bulking - Nutrient retention and release)

AgriBoost™ is made of ground, all-natural minerals and materials, including zeolites,palagonite, olivine and calcite, all of which are derived from balsatic ash. AgriBoost stimulates root growth and releases primary, secondary and micronutrients to the plant on demand, ultimately improving plant growth and yield. AgriBoost is a permanent propating agent, and its nutrients are water insoluble (slow release), which allows the roduct to maintain its boosting qualities through multiple growing cycles. AgriBoostis also environmentally friendly, as it reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and irrigation materials while increasing the soil’s water-holding and cationic exchange capabilities.


AgriBoost is safe and effective in any growing environment. AgriBoost contains no chemicals, thus liminating the risk of overdosage. AgriBoost is recommended for use with any planting media or any indoor or outdoor plant crops and, in intensive agriculture, for vegetables, fruits, composts, gardens, potted plants and flowers. For best results, mix with organic manure or compost and apply in the root zone.


Farms - Apply 2 tons to 4 tons per acre of crop during first year. During the second year,reduce amount by 50 percent; for each year of application thereafter apply 800 lbs. per acre.

Composts - Apply 4 cups per cubic foot of compost as pile is built.

Gardens - Apply 15 lbs. per 100 square feet. Lightly rake into soil during planting.In established gardens, reduce application rates to 50 percent after two years. For best results,also hand broadcast over plants and soil monthly during growing season.

Shrubs - In the spring and fall, dust soil surface from trunk to drip line with 1 cup per inch of trunk diameter. In addition, lightly dust shrubs once per month.

Roses/Flowers - In the spring and fall, apply 2 cups to the soil around the plant.

House Plants - Apply 2 tsp. per inch of pot diameter every three months.

Warning! This product may contain more than 0.05 percent silica, which has been linked to chronic respiratory diseases. Avoid repeated inhalation, as it may have a carcinogenic effect.

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