AgriBoost™ increases water retention, permanently conditions the soil, enhances fertility, decreases the need for fertilization and is environmentally safe.

  • Water use efficiency is increased, thereby reducing frequent irrigation
  • Maintains good soil aeration for the oxygen supply to the root system and improves soil structure
  • Enables fertilizer nutrients to become available for uptake resulting in better plants, grasses and shrubs
  • Mobilizes soil nutrients from the soil's own reserves
  • Significantly reduces nutrient and fertilizer loss through heavy rains, leaching and irrigation, resulting in less environmental damage through water runoff
  • Stores water-soluble nutrients in exchangeable forms, thus preventing leaching into groundwater
  • Improves the cation exchange capability (CEC) of soil resulting in less fertilizer requirements
  • Environmentally friendly and approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production
  • Non-harmful to wildlife
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