Adding Agriboost to the soil produces excellent results on transplant production

FiBL, a Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, located in Switzerland, conducted research on the effect of AgriBoost™ on the production of transplants. AgriBoost™ in each experiment did exactly what its name implies: it boosted plant performance when it was added to any substrate. For example, when AgriBoost™ was added at 10% to a basic black peat/lime/NPK fertilizer potting mix, the increase in plant size was spectacular: tomato seedlings grew 343% bigger! The increase in plant size in the highly optimized commercial media was smaller (17% and 34%), but was still highly significant.

Commercial growth media are expensive. AgriBoost™ makes them obsolete. By adding just 10% AgriBoost™ to a simple, self-made potting mix of black peat, lime, and fertilizer, AgriBoost™ outperformed everything else in this trial. These results prove that a grower is much better off mixing AgriBoost™ with his own medium from inexpensive black peat, lime, NPK fertilizer, than with buying a fancy premix.

AgriBoost™ gives you the best performance available, better than fine-tuned commercial premixes, but at a fraction of their cost. In addition, AgriBoost™ gives the grower complete control over the ingredients in the mix, all of which (except AgriBoost ™ ) are available from many suppliers at rock-bottom prices. AgriBoost™ also proves to be cost effective - at 10% in the mix, one shipment of AgriBoost™ goes a long way.

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